The A/N/G blend: all questions answered

By Dr. Urs Pohlman (Medical Doctor, MD-PhD) & 
Luciano Mastrobuoni (Head of Development A/N/G Skincare)


About the A/N/G blend

Attention × Nurture × Grace – three words translated into formulation science and captured in the A/N/G blend. Attention because we chose all our ingredients conscientiously and we are committed to efficacy and integrity. Nurture because our blend goes beyond active ingredients and we select our nurturing oils and textural components to be in synergy with the skin. Grace because our ingredients revive and protect the natural functionality of the skin and we believe in individual beauty by bringing forward the best version of our skin.

Our blend is aligned with the values of the A/N/G skincare brand: certified natural and vegan formulations that are highly effective. The products are based on clinically proven active ingredients and a formulation that maximises the delivery of the actives.

What makes this blend so unique?

The A/N/G blend is derived from selected plant sources with a natural occurrence of active molecules. The active fraction is extracted and standardised to reveal the full potency of the plant. With our careful sourcing and formulation approach we combine uncompromised efficacy with certified naturalness.

What can you tell us about the key ingredients in the A/N/G blend and their functions?

While each reference features product-specific ingredients, the skincare line also follows a cohesive and comprehensive concept: our acerola essence is a rich source of moisturising sugars and vitamin C and contains bioflavonoids which boost the antioxidative protection of the skin and of the product. Our soy and wheat germ-derived vitamin E (tocopherol) is known as an essential skin vitamin and also protects the lipophilic components, such as plant oils. The smart edelweiss stem cell culture helps limit photoageing caused by the sun and helps to maintain the integrity of skin cell DNA when exposed to these environmental stress factors. For all our products we care about instant skin comfort as well, which is why our lipophilic ingredients are balanced between light volatile and nourishing emollients and plant oils, which allow efficient product absorption and a wonderfully pleasant feeling on the skin.

What are the key benefits for skin?

With our products we focus on helping the skin regain its optimal functional level and resilience. This is directly linked to how the skin looks and how our environment perceives it. Our A/N/G blend protects the skin and helps to prevent further damage. Soothing stressed skin is a value we are strongly committed to. We cannot fully control the climate or the external stressors we are subjected to on a daily basis, but we can aim to nurture our skin. After all, supple, healthy skin needs resources to stay that way.

How can this A/N/G blend be suitable for all skin types?

The efficacy of the A/N/G Skincare line is based on direct interaction with the skin and the stimulation of its natural biological processes. These processes are the same in all skin types. While skin with different pigmentations may differ in terms of colour and will also adapt to climatic surroundings, the structure and renewal mechanisms remain the same. Therefore, by stimulating these processes and protecting the skin from disruptive external factors, A/N/G uses an inclusive efficacy concept and can be used on all skin types, whether dry, oily or sensitive.


A/N/G Skincare developed with medical scientists. NATRUE certified organic skincare. Dr. Urs Pohlman..  A/N/G Skincare developed with medical scientists. NATRUE certified.


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Anouk Geurts - founder A/N/G Skincare