Cleaning the world's oceans with our packaging is an objective A/N/G Skincare supports wholeheartedly. A/N/G Skincare is therefore a proud sponsor of Ocean Waste Plastic. With every product we sell, we contribute to cleaner oceans.
Ocean Waste Plastic - A/N/G Skincare

What is OWP?

Ocean Waste Plastic is a concept brought to life to clean our oceans and minimise the amount of virgin plastic brought into the world.

Main objectives Ocean Waste Plastic:

  1. Removing plastic from oceans and rivers.
  2. Using packaging made from PCR materials to reduce and/or eliminate the need for virgin plastic.
  3. Recycling as much collected plastic from other industries as possible.
  4. Ensuring a positive social impact for locals working with OWP in Indonesia. 

Love your skin, love our planet. 

Ocean Waste Plastic - A/N/G Skincare