A/N/G Skincare nurtures your skin with nature.

Anouk always focuses on how to best nurture the skin with high-quality blends of natural, organic actives that are gentle yet highly effective.

The A/N/G-blend

A/N/G Skincare products are developed together with a team of Swiss medical experts. This close cooperation resulted in the unique A/N/G-blend, which aligns with the values of the A/N/G Skincare brand: certified natural and vegan formulations with great efficacy. The products are based on clinically proven active ingredients and a formulation that maximises the delivery of the actives.

The A/N/G-blend is derived from selected plant sources with a natural occurrence of active molecules. The active fraction is extracted and standardised to reveal the full potency of the plant. With our careful sourcing and formulation approach, we combine uncompromised efficacy with certified naturalness.

Innovative multi-benefit formulas

A/N/G Skincare’s next-generation skincare consists of a compact and clean skincare routine with intelligent, multi-benefit formulas. 

Our hero products are all developed with multi-functional properties, so our line can stay compact. Without compromising on results.  

Take our innovative cleanser, for example. Not only does it deep-cleanse your skin, it also serves as a quick and effective eye makeup remover and can be used as a purifying mask when left on for 10-15 minutes. Why buy three products when this hero does it all? 

Choose well, buy less.