Our products are NATRUE-certified, which means they are made from 100% natural, derived natural and nature-identical substances.

NATRUE's mission is to protect and promote natural and organic cosmetics to the benefit of consumers worldwide.

NATRUE's label criteria goes further than any definition of 'natural cosmetics' so far established in Europe in terms of consistency and full transparency. The NATRUE Label sets a high standard when it comes to defining the naturalness of cosmetics, helping consumers to identify natural and organic cosmetics truly worthy of that name. When the NATRUE label appears on a package, you can trust that the product it contains is not only compliant with strict standards, but also that a reliable certification process has been carried out by independent certification agencies. 


Key principles of NATRUE (for natural, sustainable products):

  1. Against greenwashing to reflect consumer expectations.
  2. Ensuring natural and organic ingredient clarity and product transparency.
  3. Guaranteeing independent certification.
  4. Supporting sustainable innovation and responsible consumption.
  5. Protecting the environment and promoting waste reduction.
  6. Standing-up for animal welfare.


Why did we opt for NATRUE certification for our products?

  • NATRUE's certified products are made from 100% natural ingredientsderived natural ingredients (from natural sources with no petrochemicals) and nature-identical ingredients (pigments, minerals and preservatives used only if strictly necessary for the safety of consumers). 
  • Although water is a natural element, NATRUE considers it to be a neutral substance that should not be calculated in the natural ingredient percentage of a product to avoid artificially inflating its naturalness. This is how NATRUE guarantees a maximum percentage of natural ingredients in its certified products.
  • NATRUE's seal only appears in products that have undergone an impartial and rigorous certification process by an external, third-party certifier. NATRUE's label guarantees that NATRUE-certified products are authentic natural and organic cosmetic products developed by companies strongly committed to NATRUE's values
  • At least 75% of a delimited series of products (8 out of 10) must be compliant with NATRUE's standard in order to bear the seal. With this rule, NATRUE contributes fo fighting greenwashing and raises the bar for producers' commitment to the natural and organic cosmetics sector.


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