Eco-luxury skincare for healthy-glowing skin.

Anouk is convinced that eco and luxury can go hand in hand. 

Conscientious skincare consumers are looking for sustainable and vegan alternatives.

A/N/G Skincare develops clean skincare products. Every detail, from the ingredients to the packaging, is as sustainable as possible without compromising on aesthetics. This means our products feel great on your skin and look great on your bathroom shelf.

A/N/G Skincare sees sustainability not as an ambition but as a standard in doing business. Based on this conviction, A/N/G Skincare lives up to this standard in all aspects of its business.

A/N/G Skincare products are vegan, cruelty-free and free from negative beauty buzzwords like parabens. They are also NATRUE-certified.



We choose sustainable packaging options whenever possible, without compromising on the quality of our formulas.

To sum up a few of our choices:

  • We use post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) for our tubes and flacons.
  • We do not use plastic seals on our products.
  • Our outer packaging is made from paper sourced from sustainable forests. The ink we use is bio-based and printed by a carbon-neutral company.
  • All our packaging is recyclable.
  • The filler chips in our shipping boxes are biodegradable. You can wash them away with water in your sink.

We will continue to challenge ourselves to become even more sustainable in all aspects of our business. That is our promise.